This book begins three weeks after the events of Welltower: First Run. It tells the story of Kaehl and Selda's recovery in Alizon after their escape from Welltower, their return to Welltower in search of Father and Mother, and their introduction to the political and military situation of Alizon, Welltower, Serrin, Aer, Jolley, Herstand, and others. It ends on a cliffhanger as an earthquake causes a flood.

Chapterized Summary Edit

Chapter Summary
1: Home Kaehl and Selda have spent three weeks in an Alizon rehabilitation center with Bethi. Kaehl struggles to cross a bridge high in the air. Selda is seen to be cured of her disability.
2: Family Bethi, Selda, and Kaehl fly to Bethi's home. Kaehl drives part of the way. They arrive and meet Shere. They attend a family meeting run by Grandfather and Grandmother Three. They listen to the family story. Selda goes with Shere to sleep while Kaehl heads for another meeting with Bethi.
3: Plans Kaehl attends a meeting about missionary efforts in Welltower. He meets Longiver and Relanna in a meeting and speaks to Doctor Herstand again. Kaehl wants to go back into Welltower to search for his parents. They suggest that he go with their help as a missionary. He asks to see the borders of Alizon. He invites Selda to return to Welltower with him and she agrees.
4: Borders Kaehl, Selda, and Kimm go to see the border. They meet Rohrk and Thrain. They hike to the border. The see some of Serrin.
5: Goodbye Kaehl and Selda stand outside the Shaft. Selda reveals that she can write after only a few weeks in the hospital. Later, Selda says goodbye to Fvlet. They spar and come out about even.
6: Descent Longiver and others from the council take Kaehl and Selda to the Shaft. Bethi goes over everything with them. They enter Welltower with Kimm. Kimm immediately gets into a fight with some Welltower guards and is badly wounded. Kaehl and Selda try to rescue her and fail, fleeing down the ramps from numerous guards.
7: Friends After running down 30 levels, Kaehl and Selda escape. He stops her from going back to attack the guards; she stops him from trying to abort the mission. They descend deep into Welltower and look for an apartment.
8: Factory Kaehl tries to find Father at a factory but can't. He tells Selda about a dream. They meet Aer together and he brings them into the factory. They meet Mister Aer while he is experimenting. He gives them an explanation of Light Globes. Aer and Mister Aer recognize them as Outsiders and try to capture them. They escape by knocking globes to the ground and stealing a Sneaker.
9: Community Kaehl and Selda turn off their sneaker and go to the community center on their home floor. They see Rec and a lot of plague victims. Kaehl gets coughed on. They go to their old home and find nothing useful. They go to Doctor Herstand at the Aquifer and report. They learn that Kalt is there.
10: Righteous Kaehl and Selda speak with Kalt. They ask about religion and about their parents. He does not know where they are.
11: Council A meeting between Chell, Doctor Herstand, Kalt, Kaehl, Selda, and Aer (son) is held. Welltower is interested in selling to Serrin. Selda and Aer accuse each other of various things. Aer leaves. Kalt is questioned and gives no useful information. Kaehl is assigned to work with Chell. Selda is assigned to work with Herstand. Kaehl objects to being given these assignations suddenly and in public; Herstand explains her motives. Kaehl and Selda tearfully part ways.
12: Different Paths Kaehl meets Lidro. He, Lidro, and Chell descend to the Penthouse. Kaehl conveys his message to Mister Jolley. He is locked in an uncomfortable cell. Meanwhile Selda and Herstand climb to level 16 and rest. Herstand gives Selda some flashbangs. They speak of light, religion, and healing. Mister Jolley asks Kaehl for help regarding Chell and the Aers selling weapons to Serrin. Kaehl refuses and is told to leave. Selda and Herstand meet with Bulton. They disuss the murder of Kimm. Serrin moves troops towards the border. Jolley's weapons locker is robbed by Chell. Kaehl has the Black Spit.
13: Boom Selda and Herstand are accosted (by agents of Serrin?). They escape using flashbangs. An earthquake happens. Meanwhile Kaehl gets into a fight with Jolley while trying to convince him to work together. He is rescued by the earthquake but caught in a flood.
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