Welltower: First Run is the first in the Welltower series of novels. It is concerned with Kaehl's journey through the tower with Selda.

Chapterized Summary Edit

This section is intended to provide a very quick summary for each chapter. It's not intended to give the reader a comprehensive knowledge of the story; rather, it is help jog the memory of someone who has already read the story.

Chapter Summary
1 Kaehl, Selda, Mother, and Father are introduced. Kaehl tries to open a grate to the Shaft. He writes "Find Me" on a stone and throws it into the Shaft. Father leaves for work. Mother leaves to sell dolls. Kaehl cares for Selda. Mother returns after failing to earn sufficient food.
2: Sorting Kaehl complains that he wants a job and Mother refuses to permit it. Father injures Cutdirte. Father injures Mother, who remains home all day without shopping. When Father gets back he badly injures Kaehl. Father renounces alcohol. Kaehl vows to join a Pack if Father attacks him again.
3: Sabbat Father opens up emotionally to Kaehl. Mother, Kaehl, and Selda go to Sabbat. The Juggler speaks with Kaehl about the direction a ball falls but is interrupted by Brother Righteous. Kaehl is told to do penance for listening to the juggler.
4: Leaving Father returns to the factory and begins drinking again. He becomes violent and attacks Selda. Kaehl strikes Father with a stool. Kaehl runs away from home.
5: Hall Kaehl flees into the halls in a blind panic, getting lost. He hides from a Pack and spends the night in the hallway. He tries and fails to return home. Dying of thirst and hunger, he faints next to a Pack.
6: Pack Kaehl joins a Pack, travels with them for a while, is told he will be a Carrier, and is taught how to carry a backpack. The Pack breaks into a quad, throws the adult out, and takes a young boy and girl. Kaehl spends more time with the Pack and grows accustomed to it. He meets Benz. The pack raids a garden and is chased off, leaving Rapf behind. Kaehl becomes a runner and meets Hegwald and Rec. Kaehl is flees from the Welcome. The Locals attack the Pack. The Pack tries to Welcome Selda but Kaehl prevents it. Rec tells Kaehl that the penthouse can cure Selda. Kaehl and Selda leave the Pack.
7: Hall Again Khael feels guilty for abandoning his family. He cleans up Selda. He steals food from a garden and feeds Selda. They begin their journey "upwards." He finds a ventilation room.
8: Work Kaehl gets a job at a farm. He is given the task of cleaning the ground. Weeks pass and Selda gets stronger. Kaehl is promoted to water duty and sees the aquifer. He cleans with Doctor Herstand. A missionary from Alizon speaks to Kaehl about the Outside but gets caught and tortured. An ID check is performed and Kaehl is caught. He escapes and flees with Selda.
9: Top Kaehl and Selda stumble in a haze "upwards" towards the Penthouse for days. They faint. Kaehl awakens in the Penthouse without Selda, is given food, and is thrown out. He breaks back in to find Selda, eats food, and defends himself with a meat cleaver.
10: Truth Kaehl kidnaps Mister Jolley in order to find Selda. He finds her and escapes with her while holding Jolley hostage. Jolley explains the truth of Welltower. Jolley escapes after they enter the Shaft. Kaehl finds the broken pieces of stones he threw from his apartment and resolves to make it to the Outside.
11: Light Kaehl and Selda climb to the top of Welltower. Kaehl finds an exit blocked by rocks. He prays for help then clears it. He carries Selda outside and sees a beautiful landscape with civilization around. A woman walks towards him.
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