Welltower: Final Run, by Lester Yocum, is the third book in the Welltower series and the final book featuring Kaehl as a protagonist. Its mainly deals with the machinations of Serrin, including the betrayal of Chell, the partial destruction of Welltower, and the short war between Alizon and Serrin.

Chapterized Summary Edit

Chapter Summary
1: Flood The earthquake finishes. Doctor Herstand and Selda see an aircar descend into Welltower and realize that something is terribly wrong. Meanwhile, Kaehl and Mister Jolley are caught in a flood. Kaehl restarts Jolley's breathing. Jolley and Kaehl get into a truck and start ascending the ramps. Meanwhile Herstand and Selda get into an aircar down the Shaft. They find that the water had risen to around level 688. Meanwhile Jolley and Kaehl ascend to level 437 in the truck and see earthquake damage. They find the aquifer emptied, the hospital destroyed, and Kalt praising God with some other people. They bring everyone but Kalt with them to floor 14. Kaehl convinces Jolley to leave Welltower.
2: Discovery Herstand orders Welltower evacuated. They find Kalt in bad shape. They realize where the breach happened.
3: Reunion Kaehl gives a report about the terrible condition of Welltower. Because the energy exchangers are broken it will soon get lethally hot within days. Later, Herstand explains that Welltower inhabitants reject light technology. She suspects that Welltower's inhabitants will return there. Selda runs into Fvlet. She finds Kaehl and is angry because he hasn't contacted her in days. People from Welltower have been rescuing the inhabitants for days. They are called to council.
4: Declaration The Welltower flood was deliberate and caused by explosives. Kaehl reports Jolley's story about Chell and the Aers being traitors to sell globes to Serrin. Serrin has a tunnel to the globe manufacturing facility and they used it during the flood to steal everything in there and kidnap the Aer family. Longiver proposes war but Kalt opposes it. Longiver does it anyways. Kalt is in charge of organizing refugees. Kaehl, Kalt, and Selda will go on a retreat together. Kaehl is told to go to the hospital to get checked out but he doesn't go.
5: Retreat Kaehl, Selda, and Kalt go to Bethi's ancestral home on a retreat. They converse with Grandfather and Grandmother Three. Later, Kalt says he no longer believes in God. Everyone sees the Mother Tree story. Grandmother and Grandfather die.
6: Sacrament Kaehl, Selda, Kalt, and Shere go to church. Kalt and Shere argue about how church ought to be. Relanna gives a talk about the war with Serrin and church ends. Afterwards they run into the juggler and a fight breaks out with Kalt. Kalt gives more information about Mother and Father. Kaehl goes to look for them. Meanwhile Selda visits the orphan camp and has a discussion with Jolley about touching people.
7: Decisions Kaehl wants to reenter Welltower to find his parents, but Longiver sends him on a mission instead. Kaehl still hasn't been to the hospital. Kalt asks Selda to help him find Jolley. They find him. They convince him to help them reenter Welltower.
8: Side Trip Selda, Kalt, and Jolley trick a guard into letting them enter Welltower by pretending that Jolley is a corpse. Kalt and Jolley convince Selda to descend further into the tower with them; she wants to look for her parents, they want her help against Alizon security. They argue their way past a guard on level 208. They go to the rec center and leave immediately because of disease. They crash the truck and some civilians steal it. Selda goes unconscious and her disorder resurfaces. The group descends to a secret globe cache on level 700. They load up a new truck with globes and begin to ascend. Jolley tries to ram a crowd, is stopped, the globes shatter, explosion, cave-in. Selda is badly injured. They find some undamaged supercharged hospital globes and use them on her. Jolley remembers that they are near the Shaft and calls for an emergency flight out. Jolley tries to give evidence but his recordings were destroyed in the explosion. Jolley meets with Longiver and sides with Alizon. Selda is cured in the hospital and it turns out her disability is now gone permanently.
9: Response Captain Leel, in charge of Special Forces Team Alpha, prepares Kaehl for their assault. They tunnel into a Serrin storage cavern. They find Aer (father) and Aer (son) tied up. They explain that they were kidnapped to create a navigation system for some rockets. Aer helps the soldiers get a data dump from the computer. Serrin attacks with cloaker fields. Kaehl detects them with seeker globes. The team flees. Later, the Aers are put in Alizon custody and offer information to mitigate any punishment for them helping Serrin.
10: Assault Selda and Herstand discuss how to best raise children. Alizon City is being evacuated because of the threat of missile strikes from Serrin. Longiver argues with an unnamed general about whether to strike first. The Aers are told to develop a defense against missile strikes before the end of the day. Longiver and the unnamed general resolve to stay in Alizon during the attack. Selda hears that Kaehl has the plague. The Aers want to combine every globe in the city to form a defensive bubble. Selda and Kalt visit Kaehl, who is deathly ill from the plague. One missile hits and is deflected by the shield. The blast was propogated through Serrin's globes, setting all of them off as well as their conventional explosives and blowing up Serrin City. Kaehl dies.
11: Conclusions Alizon quickly recovered from the loss of its power structure. The Aers were sentenced to prison. Many people returned to Welltower. Jolley continued to be administrator of Welltower. Kalt assisted him. Kaehl's funeral happened. Selda and Fvlet have a short discussion about Welltower, Kaehl, their parents, and how to avoid war.