Naviglobes are used for navigation and communication. They can send messages, show a 3d map of the area you're in, show desired locations in the area, and so forth. They are palm-sized and made of translucent gray metal or glass until it is turned on, when the display appears on it. They sense the energy around them to generate an accurate map. They can also detect living things and block detection. Advanced models can transmit and receive messages; basic ones cannot.

These globes seem to be analogous to real-world computers. They have operating systems and can be wiped by large influences of outside power.[1]

Kaehl and Selda use a naviglobe to help them negotiate Welltower. Incidentally, the globes also produce light, which is helpful in the near-cave-darkness of Welltower.

Jolley stores some recorded data about Serrin and Chell on one of these globes but it is erased in a light globe explosion.

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