He is a vain, bitter, tiny man no matter how large his bulk. He is far too enclosed in his Penthouse to know the realities of his Tower... But he is also a savvy political operator who knows how to manipulate people and how to get his way. He has already seen the advantages that expanded operations with Alizon can bring him, especially as Serrin grows bolder. He indeed bears powerful grudges... -Doctor Herstand speaking about Mister Jolley.[1]

Mister Jolley is a major character in the series. He is the distant descendant of the framers (20th generation or more) and he lives in the Penthouse as a major leader of Welltower. He was second-in-command until Welswept's death, after which he took control of the government.

He is a fat man who treats the inhabitants of Welltower scornfully. He is physically weak and cowardly, preferring to hide behind his guards. He loves that the people have been brainwashed but seems to have suffered from a little of that brainwashing himself. He loves the heat and light of the Penthouse, hates everywhere else, and rarely leaves it.

Biography Edit

Jolley was born into privilege as a direct descendant of the framers. He lived a life of relative luxury in the Penthouse.

We first see Jolley when he is second-in-command of the facility and Kaehl is brought to the Penthouse. At the time Jolley was second-in-command to Welswept. Kaehl threatens Jolley at knifepoint so that he could be brought to his sister Selda. Kaehl then orders Lenny, one of the guards, to carry Selda while he holds the knife at Jolley's throat and leaves the Penthouse. During this time Jolley explains the truth of Welltower to Kaehl. He escapes from Kaehl when Lenny distracts him.

After he left Kaehl, he told everyone that he had single-handedly killed Kaehl, which made him a hero. He used this newfound influence to murder Welswept and take control of Welltower.

After the flood destroyed most of Welltower and it was evacuated, Jolley went into hiding. He entered a period of depression, feeling useless without his staff and guilty for indirectly causing the attack that killed them.

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