The only sabotage I see is another group of missionaries trying to steal innocent folk from our homes... you are locking us out of our home. I demand that you open the doors to our Tower and let us return! ...It is the Outside! It is freezing cold and blindingly bright. A man can't breathe properly; I feel the poisons seeping into my lungs already. We'll all die out here!

Brother Righteous is a preacher in Welltower on level 321. He the religious leader in charge of Kaehl's community. He seems to really believe in his religion, but at the same time he is greedy and will use his teachings to his own benefit when possible. He deeply believes that Welltower is a superior place to live compared to Alizon and strongly resists all attempts to bring himself or anyone else out into the light.

He removes the juggler, calling him an anti-god and a teacher of evil, and punishes Kaehl for listening to him. He hates people who talk about the Outside because those families usually leave and make his congregation smaller.[1]

He gets ill about the time that the Black Spit devastates level 321 and goes to the hospital of Doctor Herstand. However it seems he does not have the Black Spit, but simple malnutrition.

When Welltower is flooded Kalt loses faith in God.

He is taken outside eventually but hates it because it's too cold and too bright. He illicitly returns to Welltower with Mister Jolley and Selda and realizes that Welltower is even worse than the outside. He has a change of heart while down there. When Selda is injured Kalt works and prays frantically to save her. His faith in God is restored and he begins working to the benefit of Selda, Kaehl, and Alizon from then on.

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