Some are crazy, some are criminal. Some only know hate. But they're looking in the wrong places. They're young people, mostly, boys and girls, teenagers and the like. Lawless, runaways. People who are trapped I think; people who have been trapped by themselves, mostly... [They do] violent, ugly things. Run from authority, Hurt people. Starve. Raid for food, Breed. Try to survive. Break into people's homes. Ugly stuff. --Mother[1]

Welltower is home to many gangs, known as Packs. These are groups of young homeless people who commit crimes to survive. They steal, break down doors, and worse. They navigate Welltower using graffiti they place on the walls.

The authorities and civilians of Welltower wage a constant war against Packs.

Kaehl first sees a Pack of 25 people directly after running away from home. He then joins a Pack.

Not many details are known about packs in general, but we have a lot of details about the one that Kaehl joins.

Kaehl's Pack Edit

Kaehl spent some time in a pack led by Hegwald. Other members included Rec, Benz, and about twenty other people. When Kaehl joined up the pack had lost two members a short while ago.

The pack was organized into carriers, guards, runners, and leaders. Carriers (also called 'newcomers' or 'newts') were responsible for lifting heavy packs and little else. Runners were scouts and information gatherers. Brawlers broke down doors and fought for the Pack.

Girls were treated equally to boys based on merit.

New members who were found or stolen were expected to adjust to the pack immediately. Many did not and were abandoned or died.

The pack tried to avoid attacking quads because the neighbors responded very strongly to such attacks. They preferred occupying empty quads and raiding gardens and factories. When that wasn't possible, they tried to attack quads far away from the shaft because the people there are richer.

They also avoided crossing paths with other packs because this could cause a blood feud.

When the pack breaks into an apartment it kills older people, kidnaps the younger ones, and gang-rapes the girls in a ceremony they call "the Welcome."

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