"And what do I get when I come home?" he continued. "Nothing, not even a drink. My family hadn't even left the house, didn't go shopping, not even for beer, not even for me. They didn't even try. You don't care about me, do you? You're just like my boss, you and your silent, judging ways. I hate you, do you know that? I hate my boss and I hate you. You're everything I was when I was your age, only worse. I HATE YOU!"[1]

Kaehl's father (named Kuren[2] but usually referred to as Father) is a laborer in Welltower. He is a violent drunkard who repeatedly beats his wife, son, and daughter.

Father leaves for work each morning with a commuter crowd. When he comes home he gets drunk and sometimes violent.

Mother once notably told Kaehl that if he disobeyed Father, Father would be more dangerous to him than a Pack.

Father eats and drinks most of his earnings himself, claiming that he needs the strength to work. This left Mother to try to find enough money to feed the rest of her family or face starvation.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Father's life. He had Kaehl with Mother when she was 14. At the beginning of First Run he works in a factory. He deliberately struck Cutdirte with a crane and used the chaos afterwards to steal vegetables from the quartermaster.

The next day he came home enraged because Cutdirte was blaming Father for his injury. Father beat Kaehl extremely badly, leaving him unconscious for days. Kaehl walked with a limp for a long time afterwards and also had injuries on his arms and ribs[3].

The guilt from this event caused Father to renounce alcohol and change his ways for a time. He quit his job at the factory and moved to the gardens. He opened up himself to Kaehl, having emotional conversations with him for hours at a time.

After some weeks Father returned to the factory, claiming that the garden was boring. A few days later he became drunk and started beating Mother. The next day he slept in and tried to hurt Selda. Kaehl struck him in the head with a stool, then ran away.

If Kalt is to be believed, Father spent weeks searching the halls with Mother for Kaehl. They left Selda alone in her room during this time. One day they went up a ramp and never returned.

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