Benz is a boy that was kidnapped and forced to join Kaehl's pack. The pack broke down his door, eliminated his grandfather, and kidnapped him and his sister. He is the first member of the pack that Kaehl attempted to befriend.

He did not integrate well with the pack. He continued to cry often many days after he joined.[1] His fate after Kaehl's departure is not known. He most likely died, either when the pack was attacked by civilians, when the Black Spit stuck his floor (Rec, his fellow pack member, died to the disease), or during the Flood Massacre.

His nickname was Smiley.

Yocum states in the appenix that Benz's name is a reference to "bend," both because he was forced to bend into the pack and because of The Bends, a potentially fatal decompression illness.

  1. Bk. 1 Ch. 6. He was thin and pale and red-faced from crying. Obviously his adjustment to the Pack wasn't going well.
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