Alizon is the nation that surrounds Welltower. It is a peaceful, successful, and advanced land full of beauty and amazing technology.

For its relationship with Serrin, see Alizon and Serrin. For its missionary efforts with Welltower, see Missionaries.

Geography, Architecture, Demographics, and Culture Edit

Alizon is a nation in harmony with nature. It is covered in beautiful greenery. White dome-shaped buildings dot the landscape here and there.

Alizon City is surrounded by a green belt and then a farm belt.

The people of Alizon prioritize sharing and peace above all else. They strictly avoid physical intimacy before marriage.

Technology Edit

Alizon City has great technological capabilities. Most of their technology is powered by light. This is different than real-world solar energy, which is converted into electricity; Alizon light technology allows them to store and use the light directly. Everything produces some amount of light energy, including the land and the people.

Some of Alizon's light technology comes from research labs in Welltower, especially from Mister Aer.

For more see Light Globes and Category:Technology.

Medical Edit

When they cure Selda they repair her body in multiple ways, including fixing her malnourishment, her teeth, her hair, her neural pathways and her bones. They improve her neural pathways and give her years' worth of knowledge while she sleeps.

Transportation Edit

The Alizonians possess marvelous air cars. These vehicles, made of woven bamboo and powered by light, are self-driving, swift, safe, quiet, and flexible. They are very intelligent and can take control of themselves if the driver is in distress. It is nearly impossible to crash one.

Other Edit

Light can be sent out, reflected back, and observed to see things indirectly. It's sort of a light radar.

Relationship with Welltower Edit

Alizon does its best to help support Welltower and to grow it. They conduct missionary efforts. They trade with Welltower, purchasing light-based tech and guidance systems from Welltower. Alizon could produce these products themselves but they choose to buy them from Welltower in order to support that nation.

Younger Alizonians exaggerate the dangers of Welltower, saying that the inhabitants file their teeth, that there are rats bigger than people, and so forth.

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